How often to do you go back to a place you’ve been before? Is it love for the beauty of the spot that draws you? Or is the magic of the changes in the seasons? Is it the exploration and study of the land? Do you ever feel the tug of responsibility for this treasured spot? If so, I hope my description of Land Trust stewardship will encourage you to act on this feeling.

With more than 150 parcels of land to care for, the Land Trust could use some help with stewardship. What does a steward for a Land Trust property do? As part of the Land Trust Stewardship Committee, a steward monitors the use and condition of a specific parcel a few times yearly and submits a one-page inventory once each year to the committee chair or other Land Trust board member. It can be as simple as that.

A steward might also play a more active role by helping lay out trails, collecting litter and reporting vandalism. You can be as active as you wish. Stewards are the “eyes” of the Land Trust for one, or more, of our many properties. WE NEED YOU!

Consider how easy it would be to be a steward for that Land Trust property that abuts your own. As a neighbor, you see its condition every day and know if there are issues that need the Land Trust’s attention. Stewards don’t have to be individuals. Perhaps your garden club, scout troop, walking group or business would like to be involved with a particular piece of land.

Help us maintain those very places you personally love for the enjoyment of all. Be a steward!

To learn more about caring for a property near you, please email Rob Valley, Stewardship Chair. To learn more about working within Westwoods, and being part of a team of stewards, see Westwoods Trails Committee.

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