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The Westwoods trail system is the largest recreational area for hiking in Guilford. Westwoods contains 39 miles of trails on 1,200 acres. It contains a wide diversity of fascinating natural formations such as cave structures, water falls, salt and fresh water marshes, inland tidal lake, carved rock sculptures and rock formations. Westwoods is a large area near the center of Guilford, Connecticut that is heavily wooded, and has extensive hiking trails. The first seven miles of the Westwoods trail system were blazed in 1966, there are now over 20 miles of mapped trails.

Descriptions of each one is available here.

The Guilford Conservation Commission appointed Michael Pochan as coordinator and hired trail consultant Richard Elliott to form a plan. Shortly after the Westwoods was made, the Westwoods Trails Committee was formed to expand the trails, and keep the trails already made in good shape. Now there are more than forty miles of trails maintained by the Westwoods Trails Committee. The ownership of the land is a combination of State Forest, Guilford Land Conservation Trust (GLCT), Town of Guilford, and private ownership. All trails are maintained by the Westwoods Trails Committee of GLCT.

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Maps of the many trails in Westwoods may be obtained at the following locations in Guilford:

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