Nut Plains Woods

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“A bit of wilderness reserved for foot travel, unspoiled by camping, fires or vehicles.”

Nut Plains Woods, a 57-acre tract of fine woodland with marked trails designed by Richard Elliott, was the generous gift of an anonymous donor in 1972.

Nut Plains Woods can be reached from Nut Plains Road. Turn on to White Birch Drive from Nut Plains Road and turn right onto Cindy Lane. You will see a wooden sign for “Nut Plains Trails” on your left, just before the turnaround at the end of Cindy Lane. There is a short right-of-way between two homes that leads to the trailhead.

Nut Plains Woods can also be entered from Broad Hill Circle. From North Madison Road, turn right onto Whitehorn Drive, left onto Willow Road, and right onto Broad Hill Circle. The access is toward the end of the cul-de-sac on the right-hand side. Look for low GLCT signs on cedar posts and use the short right-of-way between two homes that leads to the trails.

Hiking in Nut Plains Woods

Click here to download trail map (pdf format)
Click here to download trail map (pdf format)

The trail system in Nut Plains Woods offers numerous possibilities to the hiker. A white-blazed trail runs around the perimeter of the property. One can walk this loop trail in either direction from the entrance on Cindy Lane and not have to retrace any steps. This trail can be walked at a leisurely pace in about an hour.

As one walks along the white-blazed trail, he or she will encounter more than a half-dozen junctions where the trail connects with trails running through the interior of Nut Plains Woods.These trails include a red-blazed trail, a blue-blazed trail, the Tulip Tree Trail, with its tulip leave-shaped blazes, and the Laurel Trail, with its “L”-shaped blazes.

With the exception of the Laurel Trail, which has one junction with the white-blazed trail and one with the red-blazed trail, each of these interior trails joins the white-blazed trail at two or three places, allowing them to be walked without the need to backtrack to return to the white-blazed trail. One can easily spend two hours meandering through Nut Plains Woods on the various trails.

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