Irene Storm Damage

GLCT trails suffered extensive damage in the recent storm so we advise you to please use our properties with caution. Over the coming weeks our volunteers would welcome assistance to open up blocked trails. If you would like to help, please use the Contact page on this web site.

We would also like to remind anyone with storm or other debris, that dumping on open space land is illegal. The town stump dump and transfer station are available for those purposes.

New tool against hemlock woolly adelgid

The Hemlock has been blighted by an invasive pest, hemlock woolly adelgid, which has been marching and munching its way north along the Appalachians — killing pretty much every hemlock it can sink its sap-sucking mouthparts into. The adelgid recently arrived in southern Vermont and so far only extreme cold has stopped the hemlock woolly adelgid spreading. But the University of Vermont’s Scott Costa may soon give forest managers and homeowners a tool to fight back.

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Sally Richards Remembered

Friends and fellow long time supporters of the land trust Carolie Evans and Paul Proulx reflect on the life of Sarah (Sally) Richards who passed away on April 3rd, 2011. Together with her late husband Fred, she was a tireless supporter of conservation and land preservation projects in and around Guilford.

Sally and the late Fred Richards on board their boat the Hekla, which they sailed well into their 70's and early 80's
Sally and the late Fred Richards on board their boat the Hekla, which they sailed well into their 70's and early 80's

The Guilford Land Conservation Trust wishes to recognize the passing of Sarah (Sally) Richards on April 3, 2011.  Sally was an extraordinary individual.  A wonderful friend, a hard worker, educated, thoughtful and always there when you needed her.

I first met Sally in the 60’s.  She was leading a walk to discuss salt marshes describing how they function and their importance.   She was standing in her boots in the marsh, her son George who at the most was probably 2 or 3, was standing the marsh behind her.  Sally was scooping up mud, looking for crabs, etc.  All of a sudden, those gathered listening to the lecture, realized George was slowing sinking.  Without missing a beat, Sally turned, picked up George and moved him to higher ground and went on with her talk.   What an amazing presence of mind. [Read more…]