Guilford Birding Areas

Patrick Comins leads the way

Patrick Comins leads the way

The recent guided tour of Guilford Birding Areas lead by Patrick Comins from Audobon Connection yielded some fabulous bird sightings including Seaside and Saltmarsh Sparrows and Caspian Terns. Helping to protect critical habitat for these special creatures is a core objective of the land trust and we will be organizing similar outings in future walk programs.

Saltmarsh Sparrows and Caspian Terns were some of the birds spotted during the walk

Saltmarsh Sparrows and Caspian Terns were some of the species spotted during the walk

Having Patrick on hand to offer his insight and experience was appreciated by everyone who took part, and even slightly overcast skies could not dampen this interesting event.

The Guilford Birding Areas walk was one of several organized events organized by the trust, details of these events can be found on the calendar page of this web site.

Cub Scouts help clear marsh

Members of Bear Den 1 from Cub Scout Pack 475

Members of Bear Den 1 with their extensive haul

On May 1st Bear Den 1 from Cub Scout Pack 475, sponsored by Guilford Lakes School, cleaned up a section of salt marsh conserved by the land trust. Together they managed to gather a sizable array of trash and debris which was then taken away for proper disposal.

Guilford Land Conservation Trust Buys Property and is Later Reimbursed by State

Photo by Peter Otis

Photo by Peter Otis

This charming view of the “Soundview” area of town will forever be protected due to the Guilford Land Conservation Trust’s foresight to buy the property for a future purchase by the DEP.

The quotation was taken from an article by Linda Abrahamsson that appeared in the Guilford Courier, published by Shore Publishing on May 13, 2010.

In 2009 the land trust purchased the 45-acre property known as Soundview as a way of ensuring its interim protection until the Connecticut Department of Environment was able secure federal grant funding. To read the full story, click here.

GLCT 2009 Property Book

The GLCT has published it’s 2009 property book which is available upon request via email. This is an Adobe book containing maps of all 36 properties.

If you’d like a copy, email your request to Rob Valley

Be warned –  it’s a 7MB file, so be sure you have the available space in your mailbox!

Olmsted Irregulars

Check out the blog Olmsted Irregulars which features a weekly post of thoughts, comments and reflections from the past seven days by Ted Mankovich. Ted is a GLCT board member and an active volunteer leading walks, and participating in work parties.